Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bhopal Gas verdict!!! The Shame of Indian society!!

Just thinking about the country we live in. The state escorts the killer out of the country and declares him absconding while the poor man, battered and bruised, continues to suffer. Judgement arrives 25 years later only to mock at their helplesness.
Insolence at its peak with the supposedly educated and non political leader of the country pushing to introduce a legislation seeking to limit damages paid for causing loss to life. The country still votes them back to power 2 times in a row. No wonder we were slaves for over 200 years. No wonder human life is so cheap here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Attempt at getting back

Been a good 2 years since I wrote my last post. Blogspot and other blog sites being blocked in office makes it all the more difficult to pen down thoughts. Add to that the fact that the world is getting busier, our gadgets getting smaller and blogging going shorter with tweeting.
But I do hope to post some updates once a while. Have lost touch with all my blog friends and thats sad.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bachelor Boy!!!

Heard this song on FM today. An old favorite this Cliff Richard number. And I couldn't help but wondering that this is exactly how i feel about myself....

As time goes by I propably willMeet a girl and fall in love
Then Ill get married have a wife and a child
And theyll be my turtle doves.
But until then Ill be a bachelor boy and thats the way Ill stay,
Happy to be a bachelor boy,Until my dyin day.
But until then Ill be a bachelor boy and thats the way Ill stay,
Happy to be a bachelor boy,Until my dyin day.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Call to Mumbai!!!

Reposting an old post which got lost somewhere. As we enter the dawn of the first anniversary of the bomb blasts in Mumbai, i recall the horrifying experience Bomayites went through on that day. With cell phone networks jammed(the police said they did it to prevent rumours), local trains(the lifeline of Mumbai) out of gear and fear gripping the city, it was probably only the spirit of togetherness which saw the city through. Driving at 12 in the night, with 3 of my female colleagues to be dropped home, I still reckon it to be the worst traffic jam I've ever encountered in my 6 years of stay in the city.

But did the city come to a standstill? It did not. Reams of print have been devoted to this 'never say die' spirit of Bombay. But why did Mumbai not come to a standstill? Not because its fearless but because it had no option. Bombay is not only about the financial conglomerates which operate from here. Bombay is about the vada pav vendor in front of the colleges & stations. About the pav bhaji waala in the chowpathis. About the little devils we call autoricks across the entire stretch of the suburbs. About those in innumerable odd job doers who cannot afford to miss a single day at work.

Can every disaster be passed off as the undying spirit of Mumbai? Will the city ever wake up and say "Enuf is enuf". Will we ever tell our magnanimous CM who commits 50lacs to marathi NRIs(who dont need it) to get his act together. Will the Bombayite stand up and demand a CM who will govern like Narendra Modi or be progressive like Chandrababu Naidu.

Another year passes by. And we will conveniently forget all the victims, their families, their sorrow and say we have moved on. Will we ever learn to remember.....?

Of Punchlines!!!

Seen at a local, shabby Chinese joint near Borivali

"Our competitors are only in China"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Importance of Stamina!!!

"Did you go to the gym"

"Nope! I've been missing gym for some days now"

"Thats bad! You shouldn't do that. Women want men who have good stamina"

"Stamina! For what?"

"Didn't u see Cheeni Kum? How Tabu tests Amitabh's stamina"

"Oh come on. He was 64. I'm less than even half his age"

"But but still. Whats the harm if u develop better stamina. Women get impressed"

"Hmmm... I didnt know that so much goes into wooing women. I think its better to get married to a guy"

"My husband also says the same thing :). Women are complicated"

Bless the Roads!!

She - U know that road leading from my house to Hiranandani? Its bad, terrible!

He - How bad?

She - So bad that if a pregnant woman were to travel on that road, she'll deliver the baby there

And they both burst out laughing

N.B. - Hiranandani is an area near IIT Bombay and is one of the most developed areas too

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